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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following term and conditions before filling out the treatment request form


Student Client Bookings:


  • Students will contact you the client personally on the information you have provided, to organise a time and day that suits

  • Students will book you in as a client through our booking system.

  • You as the client will receive a appointment notification.

  • If you are unavailable for your appointment please let the student know as soon as possible, this provides enough time for the student to source a new client for the treatment .

  • If issues occur with appointments the student or LarShar College will provide as much notice as possible to you as client to cancel or reschedule the appointment

  • A minimal fee for the treatment will be charged

  • All clients must be minimum 16 years of age, and children are prohibited from accompanying clients 

  • LarShar College does not have facilities to care for children.

  • Clients that attend a treatment with children will be refused treatment.

  • Clients are to turn up on time, if early you as the client may have to return at the correct time

Treatment times

  • All treatments will be conducted between 9.30am to 2.45pm

  • College days run to school calendar 

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